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May 30, 2020
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The Thing About Leather Furniture

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Everyone gets it, leather furniture is nice. In fact, everyone I know that makes the big bucks has it in their homes. Maybe there's a connection between having that sort of furniture and having money. Probably not. What I am certain of, though, is that most people can appreciate the value of it, and at some level probably wish they had it, if they already don't. I've bought and sold many pieces of leather furniture over the years, and whether it is new or used, it is still something with a lot of value and class. Let's take a look at what the big deal is about leather furniture and see if we can discover some of its charms.

The first thing about leather furniture that seems to appeal to people is it's natural, sensual, and tactile nature. For sure, leather is a unique material to make furniture out of. It is at the same time, both soft to the touch and comfortable to be around, as well as it is durable and able to take a beating. I have seen a lot of leather couches and recliners, and no matter how old they are they seem to still have life left in them. The only exception was a couch I saw once that had been stabbed with a knife about 50 times by some mischievous little punk. That one had to go. Anyway, leather does hold up well over time and if durability and long life are what you are after then, it is a great way to go.

The next thing about leather furniture is its incredible variety. Do you like earth tones like brown, tan or black? Or do you prefer sunny colors that brighten up the room like orange, yellow, or red? Maybe something cool suits you better. No problem. Green, blue, aqua, and even purple are all available. This amazing range of colors is made possible because of the dye process. Pretty much any color you can think of can be used to die cowhide and other animal hides to suit any taste. So go wild and decorate the rooms in your house with any color leather furniture you want.

The best thing about leather furniture, in my opinion, is probably the way it makes people feel. There is just something about it that makes you feel good. Maybe it's the actual textures, or maybe it is some sorts of psychological connection we make. I have this little theory that in America the reason we like leather furniture so much is because of our wild west past, and the connection we make to the culture of leather. Cowboys, Marlboro men, saddles, six shooters, cattle drives, and rugged independence, these are some of the things in our collective sub conscience that I think we attach to leather. Granted, it's just a theory in the making, but hey, it's as good as anything else I can come up with.

The bottom line is that leather furniture is here to stay and with good reason. It's durable, comes in many colors and textures, looks great, makes us feel like we're somehow connected to all the romantic excitement of our collective American past, and it just plain feels good to the touch.


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