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June 24, 2020
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The Variety Of Hidden Security Cameras And Their Purposes

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With the innovative advances made in electronic technology, hidden security cameras have become easier to use and are available in numerous styles and designs and are also an affordable option for most individuals. Hidden cameras are being utilized for a variety of reasons that include monitoring employees, caretakers, homes, and catching cheating spouses. If you are interested in purchasing a hidden security camera, you will find the following information helpful in selecting one that is the most suitable for the needs of you and your family.

Hidden Cameras to Protect your Home and Personal Property

A hidden security camera placed in strategic locations on the inside and outside of your home can aid in deterring criminals and may also provide you with valuable evidence should you become the victim of a home invasion, burglary, or vandalism. Placing security cameras where they are visible inside or outside of your home is also a strong deterrent for many criminals. If you intend on utilizing hidden cameras to protect your home, professionals in law enforcement recommend that they be placed on both the front and back door in order to obtain video and photographs in the event that anyone should break into your home.

Hidden Cameras for Monitoring Caretakers

One of the most popular uses for hidden cameras is to monitor caretakers including babysitters or nannies and those who are responsible for the care of elderly relatives. These types of hidden security cameras are typically very small and wireless and are often referred to as "bullet" or "pinhole" cameras due to the overall size of the camera and tiny lens. Their size and wireless capability makes it easier to conceal them and they are commonly hidden inconspicuously in objects around the home such as plants or stuffed animals. You can also purchase these types cameras already pre-designed in a housing that looks like a common object such as an alarm clock, radio, or air freshener.

Personal Hidden Security Cameras

Personal hidden security cameras also known as "body-worn" cameras are often utilized by law enforcement and private investigators to record criminal activity or gather evidence. While the use of a microphone is typically prohibited in hidden cameras in most states, it is allowed in "body worn" cameras. These cameras vary in their capabilities among the different models and use an SD card (memory card) which records the images and can be plugged into a computer for playback later on. They can typically record up to two or three hours and the clarity of the images varies among the different models. This type of camera can be used to gather evidence of harassment or for a court case.

Body worn hidden cameras come built into many different common objects including ball point pens, sunglasses, key chains, watches, rear view mirrors, and cigarette lighters. Hidden surveillance cameras for the home come in many different sizes and price ranges and can be wireless or wired cameras. The wireless cameras are easier to install, however, they utilize a battery pack that must be recharged frequently. If you are interested in purchasing hidden security cameras for your home or business, you will have no difficulty in finding affordable ones for any type of surveillance that you desire.


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