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August 15, 2020
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The Winter Is Coming - Organize Your Closet

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The seasons are changing and it will soon be winter. With winter comes all of the winter clothing, including the hat, scarf, gloves, coat and boots. With all of the winter gear comes all of the mess as well. Now would be a good time to consider a strategy to keep all of that gear organized so that you can easily find it when it is needed.

It is important to treat that new coat in way that will allow it to be around for more than just this winter. One way to take care of that new coat is to use a wooden hanger to hang it up in the coat closet. By using a wooden hanger you will be able to keep the coats separated enough to give them breathing space as well as making that coat closet look nice.

People who use wooden coat hangers in their front closet recognize the aesthetic value that they add to the closet as well. This is particularly important in the winter time when that coat closet is likely to be open when someone just stops by. For those who have children and have been embarrassed in years past when this happened, you know what I am talking about.

Another great use of a wooden coat hanger is to hang up the scarves as well. Some people leave them on the coat, but there are times that someone might want to go out with the coat, but not the scarf. When this is the case, it becomes really easy to lose the scarves if there is nowhere to hang them up. Also, it will help the closet stay a lot more organized.

After picking up the coats and scarves from off the floor of the closet and using wooden coat hangers to hang them up, you should have plenty of room on the floor of the closet for the boots and gloves. It would be wise to have a small plastic tote on the floor of the closet for the gloves to be tossed into.

If you do not already own wooden hangers and decide to get some there are some factors that you should be aware of. First, there are different types of wood to choose from. Second, there are several options in the hardware too. Find the best match for your home and the wood that is already in your home.

Though you may be able to find the wood hangers that you want at a local store, you may find it more convenient to shop online for them. Besides the convenience of shopping online you will also have a good chance at finding them a little cheaper.

Avoid having this winter become like last winter. Do you remember the mess you had constantly with all of the winter gear spread all over the place? Stop that from happening this winter before winter ever gets started. Get your coat closet organized now.


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