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21 Apr 20
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The Stress Busting Properties of Plants
Eradicating stress from your life is easy when you know how and everyone can benefit from feeling a little more at peace with the world. And you can use plants and flowers as just one of many ways to banish the stresses that come with everyday life.
22 May 20
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The Symbol of the Christian Cross
The topic of religion is often a touchy one, and often results in an apathetic discussion at best. However, no one can deny the prevalent influence that religion plays in many people's lives. In the Western world, Christianity still dominates as the most popular religion among millions of people.
30 May 20
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The Thing About Leather Furniture
Everyone gets it, leather furniture is nice. In fact, everyone I know that makes the big bucks has it in their homes. Maybe there's a connection between having that sort of furniture and having money. Probably not. What I am certain of, though, is that most people can appreciate the value of it, and at some level probably wish they had it, if they already don't.
24 Jun 20
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The Variety Of Hidden Security Cameras And Their Purposes
With the innovative advances made in electronic technology, hidden security cameras have become easier to use and are available in numerous styles and designs and are also an affordable option for most individuals. Hidden cameras are being utilized for a variety of reasons that include monitoring employees, caretakers, homes, and catching cheating spouses.
06 Jul 20
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The Variety of Styles Available of a Laptop Desk or Laptop Table
In the last 10 to 15 years, a new piece of furniture has been developed to fill a new need in the market place, and that is a laptop desk or a laptop table. In some ways this piece of furniture reminds me of a lap board or breakfast tray. But the variety of styles of a laptop desk is way more deluxe, and sometimes quite different than either of these other items.
15 Aug 20
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The Winter Is Coming - Organize Your Closet
The seasons are changing and it will soon be winter. With winter comes all of the winter clothing, including the hat, scarf, gloves, coat and boots. With all of the winter gear comes all of the mess as well. Now would be a good time to consider a strategy to keep all of that gear organized so that you can easily find it when it is needed.
31 Aug 20
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The Wonders Of Hot Tubs
It is lovely to soak in a hot tub, is it not? After a long day at the hamster wheel or sorting the family out - running the kids to and from school and then to the scouts, sports club or music lessons. Being held up in traffic on the way home or waiting in the queue at the supermarket, a long soak in a hot tub washes it all away.
19 Sep 20
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Two Makers of Sofa Beds Worth Considering
Sofa beds are more than just an exciting dinner conversation topic. They have also become more than just a piece of heavy household furniture that only gets to be used when company comes over. In fact, the modern sofa bed is actually quite functional and attractive. That's much more than I can say for the one we had back in the 70's.
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